Grenada is a Caribbean paradise for everyone. ┬áWe like to think of it as one of the few remaining islands where our traditions and way of life are still embedded deeply into those who live here, and it transcends to those who come visit. ┬áIt’s an island where the people are kind and caring, the viewpoints are exquisite, and the air is filled with peace and harmony. ┬áWe hope to see you here soon.

The islands are of┬ávolcanic┬áorigin with extremely rich soil. GrenadaÔÇÖs interior is very mountainous with┬áMount St. Catherine┬ábeing the highest at 840┬ám. Several small┬árivers┬áwith beautiful waterfalls flow into the sea from these mountains. The┬áclimate┬áis tropical: hot and humid in the┬árainy season┬áand cooled by the┬átrade winds┬áin the┬ádry season. Grenada, being on the southern edge of the┬áhurricane belt, has suffered only three hurricanes in fifty years.

Grenada is also known as the “Island of Spice” because of the production of┬ánutmeg and mace┬ácrops of which Grenada is one of the world’s largest exporters. Its size is 344 square kilometres (133┬ásq┬ámi), with an estimated population of 110,000. Its capital is┬áSt. George’s.